Meet the Coaching Team

Each of our coaches are extremely passionate about the club and take pride in their ability to create a supportive, welcoming and productive environment in which children are able to learn the game of Tag Rugby whilst having a great deal of fun!

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  • Andy Coomer

    Age: 28

    The founding member of Tornadoes Tag Rugby has now been in Doha three and a half years. Originally from England, Andy has taught and coached rugby in England, New Zealand, Ghana and now Qatar. Andy is the current Primary Head of P.E at Park House English School.

    Andy studied at Liverpool University obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science. Following this he completed a P.G.C.E in Primary teaching and worked in the UK teaching for 2 years before moving to Doha.

    A keen rugby player, Andy has played for the Doha 1st XV for the last 4 seasons. After having coached rugby in Qatar he saw a lack of friendly and non-competitive opportunities for boys and girls to participate in Tag Rugby. From here, Tornadoes Tag Rugby was born and has grown ever since.

  • Jamie Clarke

    Age: 27

    The newest member to the Tornadoes Team Jamie comes from the land down under: Aoetearoa, New Zealand. His love for sport especially rugby steams from growing up on the side of the sports pitches while his parents coached, (not to mention that every kid in New Zealand's first ball is the oval shaped one!).

    Jamie studied in New Zealand an obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. His love for sport has lead him to obtain his Level 2 & 3 certificates in Fitness and Personal Training.

    A well-established Rugby player, Jamie has played at international level playing for the United Arab Emirates and currently holds 7 international Caps. His passion for Rugby has lead him to Tornadoes and interest in developing the younger generation in a sport that has given him so much.

  • Nahla Channaoui

    Age: 14

    Nahla currently in year 10 at Park House School has been living in Qatar for about 7 years. Originally from Australia & Palestine Nahla plans to attend university and study architecture. Nahla the only female member at Tornadoes shares a love for sport and brings a calm and friendly personality to the team!

  • Stuart Smith

    Age: 17

    Stuart has spent the most of his life here in Doha, originally from Scotland, Stuart is currently in his final year of school at Park House. His love for sport especially rugby and football has lead him to being involved in the Tornados. He plans to have a Gap year once he finishes his schooling then attend university.

  • Matt Gilpin

    Age: 16

    Matt hails from the Rainbow Nation South Africa, he has been living in Qatar for about 3 years this time round. Currently in Year 12 at Park House once finished he plans on studying medicine and specialising in plastic or general surgery. His sporting interests include Ice Hockey, Motocross & Rugby. Although hard to find in Qatar he is a big fan of Pop Tarts ☺